Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Moving...

Not me per se, but Talk Less, Say More is moving!  

This has been a long time coming and I've warned you a few times, but now it's official.  I will no longer be keeping both sites updated but only updating!

Won't you join me?

Foodie for a Day // Starbucks Nation

As someone who is working to become even more financially stable (I’m kind of there I guess but it’s far from comfortable), I choose to bring my lunch to work nearly every day and watch how often I eat out.  And eating well is something that’s extremely important to me as I do feel that what we put into our bodies plays a big role in our overall well-being.  But times come up where we have to (or want to) eat out and it doesn’t have to mean we eat unhealthy or expensive.
I bring this up because I was working at a different store a couple weeks ago and not knowing how the day would go and if I would be spending my lunch break with others, I chose not to pack a lunch and prepared myself for buying my meal that day.  It turned out that I was on my own for lunch (which was fine), but not really knowing what was around to eat, though I knew there were plenty of options, I went walking through the Farmer’s Market on the hunt for something to eat.  ...nothing stood out.  Obviously, there were plenty of options, but nothing stood out as anything I wanted to eat for lunch and I really wasn’t in the mood for fried and unhealthy foods, so I made my way into Starbucks.  I wasn’t really sure what I was going to get, but figured that worse case scenario I get a cup of oatmeal, yogurt or a protein plate.
In no way, was I expecting to walk away with this: The Sesame Noodle Bistro Box

Sesame noodle salad tossed with broccoli florets, carrots, red peppers, sugar snap peas and a creamy peanut dressing is served with a cucumber carrot salad, crunchy sesame peanuts and baked tofu with lightly spiced glaze.  For dessert, a premium Starbucks chocolate. (Source)
It actually surprised me by how good it was and how it satisfied my hunger until mid afternoon when I had my usual snack.  For a pre-packaged lunch, everything felt and tasted relatively fresh and surprisingly was also relatively healthy.
Of course I had to have a drink alongside and while I had already had enough coffee for the day, an iced green tea hit the spot.  It was a great little lunch.  
I love to see companies expand their healthy and vegetarian options, without making food be a pile of flavorless mush.  I’m impressed, Starbucks, I’m impressed.
(Now, we do need to address my current addiction to a daily Soy Misto before it makes me broke...)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Just Want to Write

I’m staring at a wall of lockers but all that I really want to do is write.  You may not really believe it but this is a realization for me.
Not the locker staring; that’s just the reality of writing while on my break at work.  But that I really just want to write.
I started this blog just over a year ago and you may or may not remember why:
I start this blog for many reasons, but most important of them all, is the release that putting words to a page can have on a person.  I often choose to release myself through music and exercise, but words are powerful - they make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you speechless, uncomfortable, happy, excited.  I could go on but I won’t.
Now here I am one year later, still growing, developing and pushing forward through those harder days but with an escape ready and waiting for me when I get home: a place for me to put my words.
Despite the fact that I don’t divulge each and every intricate detail of my life (and let me just tell you, you really don’t want to know all that information!), sometimes the best release is just sitting down and sharing a new recipe or my current favorite song or band of the week.  It’s those little things.
So why does this matter right now?  Why do I bring it up?
Because just under a year ago, I lost the band I put my whole self into and it completely broke my heart.  This has lead to a year of soul searching, healing and acceptance.  That last one is key.  But either way, when I stop and think about what I enjoy doing and would like to do more of (that doesn’t require me going back to school and thus becoming even more broke), it’s writing.  
Now before anyone goes off on me, this isn’t me settling.  This is me saying that I thoroughly love writing.  There’s something freeing about putting words to a page.  
I want to figure out how to do more of it.  No really, I want to write.
I’ll take any suggestions any of you have on how I can do more of it.  And maybe where I can make a career out of it.  Because that would be fun and it would make me happy.  Taking ideas...and...GO!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday // Somebody That I Used to Know

So I’ve been listening to this song for a few weeks now.  I didn’t mean to hold it hostage from you, but I didn’t realize just how much I liked it until I found myself craving it.  I knew it was good, but it took me a bit to realize just how good it was.
That’s not normal behavior for me.
One thing that has allowed me success in the music industry (even if I’m currently out of it), is that I have a pretty good ear for good music or music with potential.  Therefore, it’s not common that a song has to brew a bit for me to realize just how much I love it.  But that’s not to say it doesn’t happen and this song is proof of that.
Have you heard “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye?  If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky because you just found out and can fill your ears with pure happiness.

And because it’s everyone’s lucky day, I ran across this cover by Walk off the Earth which is pretty freaking impressive.  Enjoy.

...we don’t need to talk about how the lyrics of this song kind of fit into my life, right?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's All About the Give and Take

Last night didn’t go how I planned...
-My health took a dive so I gave my body rest (and almost a trip to the ER)
Tonight I found myself having a hard time resisting my urge for Yogurtland....
-I took myself for frozen yogurt and in return, I’ll give my body 20 minutes of yoga before bed

It’s really all about the give and take.  Give a little, take a little.  It all evens out.  And don’t try to convince me otherwise because this is how I move through my day; move through my week; move through life.
I just wish the people in line ahead of me at Yogurtland would think the same way and stop taking all of the plain tart before I get there...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cool on a Saturday night

I swear my days off always come when I need them the most.  That’s a good thing, obviously.  I love to spend my days off doing absolutely nothing.  Like seriously, what did I do today?

-Made breakfast: banana oatmeal pancakes with peanut butter (holy yum!) and coffee
-Watched Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
-Took a nap
-Showered at 4:30
-Listened to a LOT of Foo Fighters
It really doesn’t get much better.
I do have a few things planned for my evening that require “work” but they shouldn’t take me long and then I can go back to relaxing in my pajamas and pretending that it’s cool to stay in on a Saturday night.  (I mean it is, right?)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fitness Friday

So I had all intentions of going to the gym today.  Needless to say, it didn’t happen.  When my alarm went off at 4:30a, I wasn’t not having it, so I packed a bag and prepared to go after work.  But since I left work about 15 minutes late and had already been in my car driving for awhile, and my legs are super sore (I don’t think I stretched enough the other day...) I decided going home and dancing to some Foo Fighters was the best idea ever.  :)

Sat 1/7/12
30 mins arms, abs and stretching
Sun 1/8/12
55 mins stationary bike
15 mins abs and stretching
Mon 1/9/12
Tues 1/10/12
40 mins legs, abs and stretching
35 mins stationary bike
Wed 1/11/12
90 mins yoga (it felt SO good to be back in practice)
Thurs 1/12/12
Fri 1/13/12
Rest - unless you want to count dancing around my room...(+ stretching out my poor hamstrings)