Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Weekend We've All Been Waiting For!!

Okay, so maybe that's the overstatement of the week because it's really the weekend *I've* been waiting for (for the last few weeks)!

I'm off to the Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia (& a trip to New York of course)!

Despite a semi hectic afternoon and early evening, I made it to the airport and through security fairly easy. I made friends with the guys at security, grabbed a coffee and sat down to eat my pre-packed dinner. Being vegetarian, lactose intolerant and someone with a fairly easily bothered tum, finding food I can eat at the airport can be a real nightmare. Thankfully I had some tempeh and spinach that needed to be finished off and a peach at the peak of ripeness. Boda-bing, boda-boom, I had dinner!

(a picture of my super awesome dinner may appear here once I can get Internet access that isn't on my phone so I can really blog.) ;)

I finished off dinner with a little stretching and a couple down dogs. I highly considered a good 20 min vinyasa but traveling alone makes me super paranoid of my stuff and I didn't want to shut my eyes for a moment and wake up to my stuff being gone. But a little stretching was actually perfect. I may do a bit more before boarding. I have a layover but both flights I am the unlucky middle seat so a good stretch will be good for me.

I'll do my best to blog throughout the weekend but if I don't, just know it's because I'm having an awesome time making new friends in Philly and seeing old friends in NYC.


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