Monday, June 27, 2011

When you need a good laugh

It’s been one of those evenings.  It’s particularly frustrating after having a fairly decent day with plans for how your evening was going to go.  But I guess this is when I’m reminded how things never go as you plan and how you should always do your best to maintain your composure and just breathe.
I’ll try to give you the Cliff Notes version of the story, but I decided to drop some more of my stuff at the new apartment this evening.  5-6 things everyday makes it pretty easy, painless and a lot less stressful.  So I open my apartment door to take some things to my car and there are two girls I’ve never seen walking down the hallway; they look at me, look at each other and then make the face like they are about to laugh as they continue to walk by.  I walk out my apartment and as they turn the corner and I’m locking the door, they burst into a fit of laughter.
Are they laughing at me? I don’t know.
But did it seem like it based on the way the events played out? Yes.
Not to mention I’m pretty sure I got “the bird” or something as they drove past the apartment.  No joke.  Does it seem like I must be missing some part of the story?  Probably a fairly intricate part of the story that you make you understand why someone may react the way they did? Yeah, I’ve got nothing.  I said nothing, I did nothing.  Strangest thing ever that also really got under my skin and bothered me.  One of those moments that hits that sore spot, that insecurity we all have about something based on past events.  This was it.
So with that, I needed some hugs and a good laugh.  Hugs aren’t really a solution when you live alone but by Aaron Karo Ruminations email came in today and it paid off that I didn’t read it until this evening.  It’s stupid comedy and sometimes, that’s just what we want when we need a good laugh.  Enjoy this or send me a video, joke or something that makes you laugh!



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